Consumers should beware “blow-and-go” firms who use scare tactics and bait you with a price of $49 or $149 for “whole house duct cleaning” only to switch their pricing once they arrive.

The fact of the matter is that these types of companies are inherently incapable of delivering on their promises. They lack the proper equipment and are unscrupulously attempting to get their foot in your door so that they can pitch you more expensive (and often unnecessary) services for your HVAC system.

Call the Air Doctor!

Most of these firms send only one person, not in uniform, and equipped with no more than a shop vacuum. Before you let these people into your home, we suggest that you call them back and ask the following four questions:

  1. What is your procedure and does your vacuum equipment develop power of at least 3,000 cubic feet of air per minute?

  2. How long do you estimate it will take to properly clean my system and ductwork? The average Duct Doctor service takes 2-4 hours for one system. 60-90 minutes is not enough time to do a complete job, even with our superior equipment.

  3. Are you a member of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association?

  4. Will your advertised and quoted price change once you arrive?

When you don’t receive a satisfactory answer to these questions, call us and experience the Duct Doctor Difference.

Call the Air Doctor!

Unmatched Equipment

Duct Doctor's patented vacuum truck is second to none in the industry when it comes to cleaning air ducts and ventilation systems. Only Duct Doctor offers a patented, truck-mounted, diesel engine-powered cleaning system.

The vacuum unit in our truck develops suction power capable of moving 6 to 8 times more air than the average system in residential homes. The air compressor, also driven by the truck's engine and safely mounted inside our truck, provides the power to drive agitation devices specifically selected for the type of ductwork in your home.


Proven Procedures

Duct Doctor's vacuum hose can be deployed up to 225 feet from our truck. This allows us to extract all the contaminants and debris outside your home safely into the filter compartment of our truck.

Substantial Health Benefits

Duct Doctor was founded by Dr. Gerald Vanderpool, a board certified allergist, in order to improve the quality of indoor air by removing allergens and other biological contaminants.